Argentine bbq adjustable parrilla groover asado

Item No.: *HDL08
Argentine bbq adjustable parrilla groover asadoThis unit comes with a wheel handle crank.The whole machine all durable stainless steel material.It allows you to cook meat and vegetables at your desired temperature by adjusting how high the BBQ is from the
  • size: 122x55x160 CM
  • material: stainless steel
  • loading weight: 90kg
  • certificate: CE
  • Net weight: 70kg

    Assemble size: 122x55x160cm      ,food grade stainless steel
    with one cover to prevent rain and  keep clean 
    Adjustable Grill Height with cable wire,Ratchet Crank and Round wheel for easy height adjustment.
    with one wood chips ,charcoal pan inside, four legs,two stands
    ENJOY BBQ TIME with Adjustable traditional Asado bbq rotisserie argentine parrilla bbq grill

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