BBQ Cypriot kebab skewers top set Rotisserie with motor power

Item No.: HDC11
Electric stainless steel cyprus BBQ kebab skewer top set  is a  bbq rotisserie used with bbq main parts, made by food grade stainless steel material and widly used in outdoor and indoor camping family meeting, banquet  etc.

There are some furture such

1. High grade 201 or 304 food grade stainless steel meterial.
2. 1 motor can drive weight maximum 15kg food

3.  DC 12V Motor can be connected with AC power by adaptor
4. It is easy to clean and portable

5. 11 small kebab skewers  and 3 longer sticks with two forks 
6. Size: 70x40cm or customized
7. The cyprus skewer skewer top set  is widle used in outdoor cpmping, banquet,famly meeting, party.

Contact person:
Alice He
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whatsapp: +8613889883558