Built in weber bbq round santa maria grill with the rotisserie

Item No.: HDSF02
ADJUSTABLE GRID AUTOMATIC BBQ ROTISSERIE GRILL.The whole machine all durable stainless steel material.The rpund bbq grid could adjustable height with the handle wheel turning. With DC 12V 15kg load capacity motor, motor speed adjustable as you request. It
  • size: 50-59cm
  • barbecue area: 50cm
  • material: Stainless steel
  • loading weight: 13kg
  • certificate: CE
  • Net weight: 10kg
  • sales: South America Oceania Middle East  European
  • Description FACTORY 1 FACTORY 2 selling
     Built in weber bbq round santa maria grill with the rotisserie 

    SPECIFICATIONDiamether 59cm   ,
    food grade stainless steelWith DC12v 15kg load capacity motor,
    adjustable motor speedskewer 8mm thickness square one piece round bbq grid
    , adjustable height with hand wheelwith roundbase or standswith two pcs fork