Cypriot Barbecue Rotisserie Motor for Cyprus BBQ Foukou 12V/240V

Item No.: HDL10
This robust motor is used to power the rotating skewers on our range of Traditional Foukou Charcoal BBQ Sets. You have the option of powering it via the supplied 6-meter long mains adaptor or hooking it up to an external power source, such as a car batter
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  • A 15W electric motor is suitable for spinning the Cypriot Rotisserie Charcoal BBQ and other mechanisms. Suitable for spits/skewers with a square  5mm.
  • Working with both 240V/12V at multiple speeds this sturdy design is manufactured for heavy use. It is also heat resistant and corrosion resistant and very strong for its size.
  • For mains power place the motor onto the rotisserie mechanism then plug the adaptor into the mains (the adaptor is a type G - 3 pin electric plug).
  • The 5 meter (approximately) alligator leads connect to a 12V car battery. The cable is safe to handle.
  • The motor turns 0- 50 times per minute and can run up to 15kgs balanced load. It has a built in gear Box Reducer - All Metal Gears.


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