Stainless Steel Garden Patio Outdoor Trolley Charcoal BBQ Barbecue Grill

Item No.: HDGR01
The Trolley charcoal BBQ grill is ideal for those who want to take barbecues seriously. With a large grill and powder coated design, this BBQ is suitable for most large parties.
  • size:: 120x50x120cm
  • Barbecue area:: 120x50cm
  • loading weight:: 15kg motor
  • motor type:: DC 12V, adjustable speed
  • certification:: CE,AGA,UL,CSA
  • net weight: 40KG
  • Material:: power coated
  • Fuel:: charcoal or wood


    With foldable side panel, and bbq fold grids on machine,could put plenty of space for food preparation.Auto rotating motor let the bbq work easy.With the lid down, could save bbq time and supervise the temperature inside.Best quality and competitive price.



    • Black Charcoal BBQ
      • Powder Coated Finish
      • 15kg load capacity motor, adjustable speed
      • with 11 pcs skewers
      • Chimney To Prevent Smoke Build-Up
      • Thermometer In Lid 
      • Height Adjustable Charcoal Box With Crank System
      •  Foldable Side Shelves Ideal For Food Preparation
      •  Assemble size: 120x50x120cm

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    Stainless Steel Garden Patio Outdoor Trolley Charcoal BBQ Barbecue Grill


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