Turkey cyprus rotisserie BBQ grill for chicken meat shawarma kebab

Item No.: HDC03-1
Cyprus charcoal BBQ grill  is a stand-alone household cooking BBQ grill and widly used in    outdoor camping family meeting, banquet  etc.

There are some furture such as folding, easy cleaning, portable,removable,adjustable the motor speed. The rotis
  • size:: 70x40x104cm
  • Barbecue area:: 70x40cm
  • loading weight:: 15kg
  • motor type:: DC12V
  • certification:: CE
  • net weight: 36kg
  • Material:: stainless steel
  • Fuel:: charcoal

    1. High grade 201 or 304 food grade stainless steel meterial. It is easy to clean.

    2. 1 motor can drive weight maximum 15kg food,  adjustable speed.

    3. 3 large stainless steel long skewers with 2 large forks.

    4. 4 removeable lockable wheels.

    5. 11 small kebab skewers

    6. With one floor under storage rack and one charcoal pan

    7. 1 stainless steel grid

    8. Size: 70x40x104cm9. The cyprus BBQ is widle used in outdoor cpmping, banquet,famly meeting, party.

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