Stainless BBQ Grill Kit with Argentinian Adjustable Heights Charcoal Asado Grills

Item No.: HDL9B
strong all stainless steel material
one piece adjustable height V-GRATE GRILL with oil collect tray
with two side shelf, with one big botton shelf
with ash collect tray, one piece charcoal grid
with four legs, lockable wheels , two piece stands with h
  • size: 120x60x180cm
  • barbecue area: 90x60cm
  • material: Stainless steel
  • loading weight: 145KG
  • certificate: CE
  • Net weight: 120kg
  • sales: South America Oceania Middle East  European
  • Description

    This exciting BBQ kit with Argentinian stainless steel grill top.Using the handle to the right of the cooking area you are able to higher and lower the grill to your desired cooking height making it much easier to get the cooking temperature for the food just right.
    The heavy duty charcoal grate of stainless locks in to the ash tray for strength and additional air flow for the coals.



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